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     A big challenge in running a business is retaining employees. Hiring and training new employees is often so expensive and time consuming, that many businesses simply can't afford to do it. Therefore, making sure that the ones who do stay are putting in productive time seems more important.

     Is it enough to simply have a job, an office or organization to work in, and get a "check" at the end of the week? Not anymore. A workplace, however large or small, has to be driven by efficiency and achievement that manifests itself in the form of tangible results for the organization, and is rewarding for the employee. Less productive inputs and lower efficiency levels are bound to affect the business and may jeopardize its sustainability and survival.

     Employee productivity is a major concern for employers and lower productivity cannot be blamed on the employee entirely. A lot of it has to do with the environment at the work place and the work conditions, along with a series of factors that define the work culture. Employers have to implement wide spread changes in their setup to improve the productivity of their work force.

Employee Productivity

     You will notice that your employees' morale is proportionately related to their productivity. It is important to treat your employees with respect and tact. A demanding taskmaster does not generate better results than a helpful and accommodating manager. Unhappy employees do not care about their work, and an employee that doesn't care about his/her work is unproductive.

     Improving employee productivity is a great way to build a solid team behind you. By implementing your productive improvement program in a way that is non-threatening and rewarding, you will gain your employees' respect and admiration, causing them to be even more productive and increase their loyalty to the company.

Retaining Quality Employees

     A high demand for the employee productivity lacking in today's workforce leaves management teams wondering exactly what to do. Increasing employee productivity then should be on the forefront of any managerial mind. You might think the only solution for the problem of decreased employee productivity is getting rid of the unproductive people. If this is your mindset, don't fret. Accept this post as an invitation to consider different solutions that will help you to increase your employees' productivity as part of your corporate agenda.

Remember: leadership is influence, not control.

Employer Leadership

It is almost impossible to find a solution to a problem when you are unaware of its exact existence. As managers it is easy to say, "We need to increase employee productivity." However, you will not be able to implement a strategy for increasing employee productivity until you know the specific productivity snags your employees face.

As with anything, there is a simple approach to the problem of decreased employee productivity. The three main aspects to improving employee productivity are as follows:

    1. Measure (estimate) employee productivity in your company
    2. Implement a process for improving employee productivity in your company
    3. Review and reward employee productivity.

     Once you are aware of where the productivity hitches lie, you can implement pro-active measures required to support your employee's in their endeavor. But you will also gain a greater understanding and appreciation for your employees. A few ways to increase your employee productivity are:

    • Maintain positive employee morale through production recognition and awards
    • Promote from within the company
    • Create productivity incentives within the company
    INVEST IN EMPLOYEE'S DEVELOPMENT (An educated employee is 10 times more productive than an uninformed employee).

And this is the area where AWAKE© seminars start to work for you. Behind are the days where productivity was forced with intimidation and extremely strict environments. Using the fundamental lessons from our book AWAKE©, our seminars address most of the key areas that employers find challenging; it is broken down into 4 parts:


Awake© seminars are highly interactive, dynamic, and contain many exercises that will help to develop psychometric profiles, leadership potential, teamwork and more.


     Awake© Seminars will revolve around introducing the program, explaining the objectives, interacting the exercises and evaluating the results. At the end of each training participants will be able to:

    • Comprehend the importance of communication and how it affects everything and everybody, at business and even at personal levels.
    • Identify themselves as a part of a team, and what position they see themselves within.
    • Understand their productive value.
    • Have more faith in their leaders and a desire to be a leader.

There are 3 levels of training within our seminars:

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

The levels of training can be determined according to the company's structure and/or to the needs of the different corporate levels.

We are at your service to start helping you to develop better and quality employees. Remember, for any successful activity and for the improvement of the same, team work starts WITH OURSELVES AND ENDS with each and every one of us!

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Better Employee Productivity